Third International Anti-imperialist Conference of International Anti-imperialist and People’s Solidarity Coordinating Committee

Third International Anti-imperialist Conference of International Anti-imperialist and People’s Solidarity Coordinating Committee (IAPSCC) Convened jointly with Socialist Party of Bangladesh (SPB) On the occasion of 94th Anniversary of November Revolution and 31st Anniversary of Foundation of SPB Dhaka, November 27-29, 2011 A Call1. Rise up in protest against aggression, occupation, looting and blockade by the … Continue reading

Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protestor / TheTiny Dot

Commentary: What is found interesting is that if the root of many issues being faced by the 99% is caused by the two tiered (Democrate and Republican) political system and their Corporate Croonies rooted on economic monopololy what changes will be achieved in this world, if this incredible movement allows the same system to remain … Continue reading


The Occupy Wall Street movements and climate action movements stand on the same moral ground and affirm the same moral principles: It’s wrong to wreck the world. It’s wrong to wreck the health and hopes of others. An economic system that forces the people to bear the risks of the recklessness of a few powerful profiteers, … Continue reading

Just in Pictures…

PROTECT IP Renamed E-PARASITES Act; Would Create The Great Firewall Of America

As was unfortunately expected, the House version of PROTECT IP has been released (embedded below) and it’s ridiculously bad. Despite promises from Rep. Goodlatte, there has been no serious effort to fix the problems of the Senate bill, and it’s clear that absolutely no attention was paid to the significant concerns of the tech industry, … Continue reading

With Generators Taken By The City – Time’s Up! Energy Bike Powers Occupy Wall Street

Sgt. Shamar Thomas Is Back And He Brought The Marines With Him To #OWS still Police Violence Ensued

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators marched in a show of solidarity with Occupy Oakland Wednesday night. Leading the march front and center was none other than Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas sporting his uniform proudly. At some point during this chaotic protest due to the overwhelming police presence Sgt. Thomas becomes lost in the crowd after the … Continue reading

OWS Is For Real – America Has Lost Its Moral Bearings

by Allen L Roland   America has lost its moral bearings! Recent polls indicate that if Occupy Wall Street (OWS) were a candidate for President, it would decisively beat any candidate from either party. 86% of Americans think that Wall Street and its lobbyists have far too much power in Washington and those Americans are … Continue reading

Video: Chief of Oakland Police denies using flash grenades at Occupy Oakland protests

Footage of Scott Olsen being shot in the head with a tear gas canister by Police at Occupy Oakland

via Vimeo.   This footage is proof that Scott Olsen was shot in the face by police without provocation during the Occupy Oakland march on Tuesday October 25. The moment leading up to the shooting, Olsen was standing completely still. He was then hit in the head with a tear gas canister, which is potentially … Continue reading