Sgt. Shamar Thomas Is Back And He Brought The Marines With Him To #OWS still Police Violence Ensued

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators marched in a show of solidarity with Occupy Oakland Wednesday night. Leading the march front and center was none other than Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas sporting his uniform proudly. At some point during this chaotic protest due to the overwhelming police presence Sgt. Thomas becomes lost in the crowd after the usual suspects (NYPD) hammered into the protesters which seems to be becoming all too common across America.

Incidents across the country of excessive force and violence against peaceful protesters has been circulating the Internet.

Approximately one thousand protesters turned up for this demonstration in New York specifically in a show of solidarity for the protesters who marched in Oakland only to end up besieged by police lobbing tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades which concluded in Scott Olson a U.S. Vet ending up with a fractured skull. Footage of what appears to be the police intentionally targeting the protesters has surfaced and this behavior is only increasing support for the Occupy movement.

Suddenly, confusion and angst set in during the march.

At one point, NYPD officers began arresting, shoving, intimidating, grabbing, and beating demonstrators, even after they were forced to the ground, with shouts of, ‘The whole world is watching!” surrounding them. As the crowd became more riled protesters yelled, “Shame, shame, shame!” in chorus while documenting each police instance of abusive behavior with cameras aimed at the officers in question. Some of the police appeared distraught with the protesters unrelenting cause overtaking the atmosphere as they stood their ground. Other officers were aggressive prompting mass confusion; some were the usual white shirted supervisory officers and one or two were seen wearing suits.

After the arrests, the march continued throughout the financial district with protesters chanting in unison and cheering at their success — and they were indeed successful as they marched proudly without backing down to authoritarian-type police state tactics. Instead they held their heads high chanting “Oakland!”

As they walked along a hand reached out of a New York cab, giving one protester a high five. Reportedly people came out of bars showing support for the movement.

As for Sargent Thomas, the police brutality we’re witnessing recently would not occur under his leadership. While we’re in the process of demanding money out of politics, we should also vote in ordinary righteous Americans to represent the 99% — ‘Representative’ Thomas has a certain ring to it. Sgt. Thomas if you recall recently gave an impromptu speech confronting 30 NYPD officers in Time Square denouncing their crowd control methods and police brutality. Considering his military record and apparent ease at confronting dozens of officers, I sincerely doubt Sgt. Thomas would not take issue with standing up to Corporate greed and political corruption.

As America grows weary of billionaire and millionaire politicians feigning an understanding of what life is like for the 99%, Sgt. Shamar Thomas would be a change we could all believe in.



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