“I AM TROY DAVIS” real time: e​-​blast campaign


"I AM TROY DAVIS" real time: e​-​blast campaign

band name

by You


Call 404-913-3767 and with passion say "this is (your name) from (your location in the world) and I Am Troy Davis!" A real-time developing compilation of the drops placed over dope music will be e-blasted every 12 hours on Facebook, U.S.R. Press League: theshrine.podomatic.com, and Our Soil: oursoil.bandcamp.com until September 21st, Troy's scheduled date of execution, which this campaign is against.

Additional things one can do include:

1. Organize rallies in your area

2. Set up teach-ins

3. Sign the Amnesty USA petition, asking the GA Board of Pardons & Parole to grant Troy clemency, and forward it to others :


4. Set up vigils

5. Call Georgia Governor Nathan Deal's office and ask him to grant Troy Clemency (404)656-1776

6. Call Georgia Board of Pardon and Paroles ask them to grant Troy Clemency (404) 656-5651

Finally, learn more about Troy Anthony Davis at

Let' Go…

For further information, instrumental submissions, campaign ideas, praises, or critiques, email;

U.S.R.: unitedstatesofrhythm@gmail.com
SALEM PSALMS: oursoilhour@gmail.com
FTP Movement: defendingthepoor@gmail.com

released 09 September 2011
created by: SALEM PSALMS LLC

produced by: Tenisio (Tenisio Seanima (DJ 4th Wurld) for U.S.R. (United States of Rhythm Press League)

executive produced by: SALEM PSALMS LLC, U.S.R. (United States of Rhythm Press League)

brought to you by: the FTP Movement

via oursoil.bandcamp.com


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