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Union of Concerned Scientists Climate Hot Map
Dear friend,

Imagine this situation: You're stuck at the airport for who knows how long because your plane's been grounded, you're covered in the itchiest poison ivy you've ever had, and the airport bar is out of your favorite Cabernet.

What is going on?

Check out the new UCS Climate Hot Map. Travel the world to learn where global warming is already having an impact and you could win a carbon-neutral trip for two to help find answers to the challenges of climate change in Brazil!

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This is climate change. Many people don't realize it, but global warming is already affecting our lives and it’s causing trouble in surprising places—like in North Carolina where climate change has caused poison ivy to become more potent.

And unfortunately, itchy, thirsty, and impatient are only the beginning—there are dozens of ways global warming is already affecting the world and could be affecting you!

Today, the Union of Concerned Scientists introduces a new, interactive way to learn about the local consequences of global warming and the solutions available to meet the climate challenge. The Climate Hot Map allows you to travel the world and explore the places (or "hot spots") where scientists have gathered evidence of climate changes that are already under way.

Check out some of the highlights from the Climate Hot Map by taking our Climate Hot Map Scavenger Hunt today. By joining the hunt for hot spots, you'll be entered to win our grand prize: an Earthwatch Institute trip for two to assess the impacts of climate change on the Rio Cachoeira Natural Reserve in Brazil! You'll get additional entries for every correct Hot Spot you identify and for sharing the Climate Hot Map Scavenger Hunt with friends and family members. Five runners-up will receive a Solio Mono Hybrid Solar Charger—great for traveling or at home to charge your cell phone or MP3 player using the power of the sun.

So what are you waiting for? Travel the world, win cool prizes, learn about the local impacts of global warming today, and find out what communities around the world are doing to reduce global warming emissions. Start the Scavenger Hunt now

Brenda Ekwurzel Sincerely,

Brenda Ekwurzel, Ph.D.
Climate Scientist

The Union of Concerned Scientists is the leading science-based nonprofit working for a healthy environment and a safer world.

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