Time is running out to protect New York’s water!

Dear Friends,

The health and safety of our water are at risk – and we have one week to make a difference. With the New York state legislative session ending on June 20th, we need to make sure that the current moratorium on hydrofracking in New York State – which is set to end on July 1 – is extended. The Assembly has passed the Moratorium bill – now it's up to the State Senate. Your state senator needs to hear from you!

Our recent report, "Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets", illustrated how natural gas companies are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into their campaign to secure permission to drill for natural gas in our state. Common Cause New York believes that more time is needed to ensure that hydrofracking is properly regulated and reviewed. We need your voice to stand up to big industry dollars. Please call your state senator to let him or her know that you support extending the current moratorium on fracking until June 1, 2012.

Call Sen. Bill Perkins at (518) 455-2441 today and say that you support a moratorium on hydrofracking. Then click here to tell us how your call went.

S.5592, the moratorium bill, would give the Department of Environmental Conservation the time it needs to conduct a thorough and serious evaluation of the risks presented by fracking. The agency must fully evaluate the range of potential environmental and public health risks before allowing thousands of gas wells to be fracked in New York State.

Imposing this sensible moratorium ensures that any threats to New York's water and the health of its citizens are fully weighed and more time is provided for the Department of Environmental Conservation to complete the next draft of the supplemental generic environmental impact statement (SGEIS).

The New York State Assembly just passed A7400 with Speaker Sheldon stating that "There is time to do the science. There is time to act with caution and with thoughtfulness. There is time to listen to – and to address – the concerns of all of the stakeholders." Now its time for the State Senate to follow suit.

Please call Sen. Bill Perkins at (518) 455-2441 today and say that you support State Senate Bill 5592.  Then click here to report your phone call.


Susan Lerner
and the rest of the team at Common Cause New York

P.S. Common Cause New York is continuing our research following the money trail – analyzing campaign donations and lobbying records of natural gas companies to influence state policy around hydro fracturing. Would you consider making a donation to help us continue our work? Even a donation as small as $10 helps us to pay for a new database and software that helps us analyze campaign contributions.

Common Cause is a national nonpartisan organization with chapters in 35 states. Our mailing address is 1133 19th Street NW, 9th Floor, Washington, DC 20036. Our phone number is (202) 833-1200.


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