NY Alternative To Incarceration Reentry Coalition Rallies To Save Services


On June 13th,2011 The New York Alternatives To Incarceration Reentry Coalition held a press conference due to the effects the City, State and Federal budget cuts is causing effective programs serving those most at-risk and in need of services provided.
Atleast 25 program closed and 34 had to downsize with more drastic effects expected to come.
Those cuts included:
* The Fortune Society closed its discharge planning and reentry program that served detainees leaving Riker’s Island,
* Cases eliminated its drug treatment education and referral program that served Brooklyn misdemeanor defendants,
* Education & Assistance Corporation/TASC will close its Staten Island program at the end of June, leaving the borough without ATI Services,
* The Osbourne Association eliminated El Rio substance abuse treatment services for Bronx misdemeanor defendants,
* The Women’s Prison Association closed Hopper Home, a transitional residential program for women used as an alternative-to-incarceration for 30 women a year and readiness program serving almost 150 women a year.
more info. at http://www.ati-ny.org/


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