IRS makes reporting on new tax-exempt requirements optional

Reporting on the new tax-exemption requirements for hospitals will be optional for tax year 2010, the Internal Revenue Service announced yesterday.

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 Part V Section B of the 2010 Schedule H addresses the new Section 501(r) requirements under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, including community health needs assessment, financial assistance policy, billing and collections, and charges for medical care. According to the agency, the section will be optional for tax year 2010 to give the hospital field “more time to familiarize itself with the types of information the IRS will be collecting related to compliance with section 9007…and to address any ambiguities arising from the extensive revisions of the form and instructions.” IRS invited comments to improve the clarity and reduce the burden of reporting. The AHA, Healthcare Financial Management Association, VHA Inc. and 10 state/metropolitan hospital associations recently urged the IRS to “act with dispatch to withdraw and reissue the form, improve the instructions and issue clear and usable guidance.” The form creates onerous and redundant reporting requirements, goes beyond the statute’s requirements, and was issued without a proper notice and comment period, the associations said.

110420-cl-schedh.pdf Download this file


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