CODEPINK: Let the Dancers Dance Take Action Now!

If you think people should have the right to dance silently at the Jefferson Memorial, sign this petition calling on the Park Police to Let the Dancers Dance.

Dear Chief Theresa Chambers,

On Saturday, May 29th 2011, five people were arrested at the Jefferson Memorial for dancing silently. The Park Police handled the dancers brutally, throwing them to the floor, putting them in chokeholds, and overall using excessive force that was completely unnecessary considering the peaceful nature of the situation. This was all done after only one warning had been given, which only a few people visiting the memorial heard.

We are appalled by the behavior of the Park Police, and appalled at the idea that we, the people, cannot silently dance at our nation’s memorials to our founding fathers–who struggled so valiantly for our freedom. We therefore support those patriots who will be returning to the Memorial on Saturday, June 4, to dance. We call on you to respect their rights. Dancing is a form of expression that shouldn’t be persecuted, and certainly not in our nation’s memorials.The Declaration of Independence, which is inscribed inside the walls of the Jefferson Memorial, declares our right to the pursuit of happiness. One of the ways we pursue happiness is by dancing. Therefore, we call upon the Park Police to respect the rights of we the people, and to Let the Dancers Dance.

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