Too controversial for CBS? Halt Deadly Deportations to Haiti

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Dear CCR Supporter,

In our efforts to educate and mobilize the public about the continuing deportations to Haiti, the Center for Constitutional Rights purchased a video ad on the CBS Times Square Jumbotron in Manhattan asking the public to sign our petition to “Stop the Deportations.” The ad, which would have reached millions daily, was put up and then yanked by CBS Media because it was “too controversial.”

Do you think asking President Obama and other officials to stop sending people to an earthquake-ravaged country during a cholera epidemic is “too controversial?” We don’t. If you are also troubled by the actions of CBS Media in removing our Jumbotron ad, please take a second to contact to let them know how you feel, and ask CBS for a real explanation.

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In January of this year, a 34-year-old man, Wildrick Guerrier, died only 9 days after being deported by the US to Haiti. Guerrier was jailed along with other deportees in filthy police stations in Haiti without being provided clean water or food and was held in a cell covered with human feces and vomit. These conditions during a cholera epidemic are, quite literally, deadly. Guerrier and other men fell ill, exhibiting cholera-like symptoms, and were refused medical care.

If you haven't already signed our petition urging the U.S. to halt all deportations to Haiti, please visit our webpage and sign by this Friday, May 27 and pass along to your family and friends. Click here for the online petition.

Despite Guerrier’s death and an outcry from broad sectors of US civil society, the US has sent two more planes of deportees to Haiti—one in April and one in May—and has stated its intention to remove large groups of Haitians each month. Those deported are immediately detained in Haiti various police stations under dangerous conditions. We have received reports that people with serious medical conditions and mental illnesses have been deported.

Please take a moment to sign the petition. Thank you for standing with us.


Annette Warren Dickerson
Director of Education and Outreach

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