NYC Is Not 4 Sale – Act Now!

Wall Street crashed our economy, destroyed jobs, ignited a national foreclosure crisis that hit millions of homeowners and destroyed city and state budgets across the country.

Despite the economic crimes perpetrated against America not one CEO has been charged with a crime. Instead of being held accountable, Wall Street became the recipients of trillions in taxpayer funded bailouts and now, back on top earning billions and awarding record breaking bonuses to CEOs and senior executives.

But on Main Street, as unemployment and foreclosure rates remain at record levels, millions of hard working families, including tens of thousands in New York City, are in the midst of devastating and long-term financial turmoil.

It’s time to stop demanding more sacrifices from union workers, firefighters, and teachers or greater cuts from programs that support social services for our children, our elderly and resources for public libraries!

It’s time to take action and implement policies that will reverse New York City’s economic inequality!

New Yorkers’ are hurting and enough is enough! Put an end to budget cuts that threaten teaching and FDNY jobs, demands reduction in services for seniors and children and calls for the closures of fire stations, senior centers and libraries.


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