Reverend Billy’s Trial & Press Conference

UBS Bank: Stop paying for blowing up mountains in Appalachia. Would you do this to the Alps?

Reverend Billy's Trial & Press Conference

Reverend Billy Talen, the angelic Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, and lawyer Wylie Stecklow will stage a press conference and performance. The preacher faces “Criminal Trespass” charge from dominant mountaintop coal-mining financier Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS).

Watch a video of our UBS Angels & Rev. Billy’s arrest.

Press Conference & Performance

Manhattan Criminal Court Building
100 Centre Street
New York, NY 10013

Tuesday, April 19th 2011
On the sidewalk in front
New York City performer and activist Reverend Billy Talen faces a “Criminal Trespass” charge for holding a church service in the lobby of the dominant mountaintop removal financier UBS Bank. He will preach a statement to the press on Tuesday, April 19th at noon, 100 Centre Street in downtown Manhattan. The “Stop Shopping Gospel Choir” will sing. Wylie Stecklow, Talen’s lawyer, will describe defensive strategies against this cancer-causing form of coal-mining.

Talen, along with citizens and members of the choir dressed as avenging angels, entered the massive office building on 6th Avenue at 51st street on “Buy Nothing Day” – also known as “Black Friday” – as a part of a Christmas caroling tour through seven different bank lobbies, after an appearance on CNN at the Time Warner Building in Columbus Circle. Some of the banks along the parade route were praised by the activists, in particular Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase for their reduction of investments in mountaintop removal in Appalachia.

The November 25th parade of angels reserved their holy wrath for the Union Bank of Switzerland, which finances environmentally destructive extractive industries around the world. Talen was subsequently arrested at the behest of UBS security and held for 18 hours at the Manhattan Detention Complex, affectionately called “The Tombs.” UBS has a long history in funding mining of all kinds, big hydro dams, aluminum smelters, tar sands, and oil and gas drilling, in sum: arranging loans for extractive processes which emit high levels of CO-2 greenhouse gasses.

Press Contact
Danny Valdes


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