Message From Critical Resistance;It’s time to STOP OPPression!

Dear Allies and Anti-Prison Activists Nation-Wide,

please help critical resistance new orleans (cr-nola) spread this video! right now it is vital that we stand in solidarity with all people standing up to the state demanding lasting social change. solidarity with the striking prisoners in georgia should inspire you to do more than just sign a petition (but you should definitely sign the petition: !! ). now is the time for those of us on the outside to do all that we can to dismantle these structures that cage our loved ones, our comrades, and our future.
in new orleans, sheriff marlon gusman and other city officials are trying to push forward the expansion of the notorious Orleans Parish Prison (OPP) which would add 5,800 new beds, extend the prison 9-10 city blocks, and cost $250 million. OPP is already the largest per capita county jail of any major US city, while resources for housing, education, job training, and healthcare continue to be cut or remain deeply underfunded. in an effort to stop construction and shrink the prison system in the city, cr-nola has been working nonstop with allies and community members, trying to build people power in order to shift vital resources away from the PIC and toward building thriving, sustainable, self-determined communities.
below are the phone numbers and email addresses of NOLA city council members. feel free to drop them a line to let them know that you stand in solidarity with NOLA residents and OPPOSE the use of limited local and federal resources to be used for the expansion of OPP and the continued use of the prison industrial complex as a response to our social, economic, and political problems!
in the meantime, forward this video to your listserves, post it on your facebook, and let's continue to connect our local and national struggles.
in solidarity,
Lisa Marie Alatorre

Critical Resistance

1904 Franklin Street, Suite #504

Oakland, CA 94612

phone: 510-444-0484 x. 1002

fax: 510-444-2177

cell: 510-459-6378


//please forward WIDELY// 

 New Orleans, it's time to… 

  STOP OPPre ssion!



 click here to watch the video 


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