WikiLeaks Assange given web access

Julian Assange

SUPER-GEEK: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

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Wikileaks editor-in chief Julian Assange has been transferred to the segregation unit of a UK prison where the authorities are planning to give him limited access to the internet.

The Guardian reported that Assange met his legal team after being sent to Wandsworth prison on remand when he was refused bail on Tuesday. Sweden is seeking his extradition over allegations of sexual assault.

Assange, 39, is thought to have asked to be housed away from other prisoners, who had shown a high degree of interest in him after he arrived.

A source told The Guardian that other inmates had been supportive of Assange, whom the US has accused of jeopardising its national security by releasing a flood of confidential diplomatic documents.

As part of a scheme called “access to justice”, prison authorities are arranging for Assange to be given a computer so he can work on his case. The computer will have limited internet access.

Meanwhile, the Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that the Australian lawyer for Assange has written to the Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, asking him to take action against prominent North American figures calling for Mr Assange to be harmed.

Robert Stary has requested that Mr McClelland order the investigation of those who may have broken part 5.4 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code which prohibits a person, here or overseas, deliberately or recklessly causing physical harm or harm to a person’s mental health.

Sources close to Mr Assange have concerns for his mental health due to his rising anxiety that he may be assassinated.

An adviser to Canada’s Prime Minister, Tom Flanagan, has said lightly Mr Assange ”should be assassinated”.

”The government should be clear to their American counterparts that threats against Mr Assange’s life will be taken seriously by this country,” Mr Stary said.


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