Pirate Party of Germany helps Wikileaks

In a spontaneous action, the Pirate Party of Germany as their Swiss sister ensure that press freedom in the form of Wikileaks maintained. In http://wikileaks.piratenpartei.de is the whistleblower website accessible immediately.

“Right now found a cyber war going,” says Wolfgang Duddy, the board of the Pirate Party of Germany. “It all technical approaches will be possible to Wikileaks to silence. As the party of civil rights can not simply look on the Pirate Party. Accordingly, we have ensured that Wikileaks remains for us to reach. Who has moved its morality, must therefore not Wikileaks make untraceable. “

In recent days the United States began to expand reinforced pressure on Internet companies that provide services to Wikileaks . Offer They were asked to stop all cooperation with the portal. Then terminated and the U.S. shipping company Amazon, which also offers hosting services provided by Wikileaks rented server. As grounds for the company to a violation of the terms and conditions. Meantime, the domain wikileaks.org EveryDNS by the company shut down, also ended its cooperation with a software company Wikileaks in terms of graphical representations to the publications of diplomatic cables through Wikileaks.

The Pirate Party has taken on her last national congress in Chemnitz, the whistleblower protection as a political demand in its policy statement. It campaigns for a general and comprehensive protection with the necessary exceptions. A democratic society must have access to appeal to more productive and constructive manner.


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