The Next Dimension Internet Unwrapped: A Huge Range of Free Non-ICANN Domain Names Now Available Through ISPs Such as

New York, NY, November 01, 2010 — Dotcoms have developed into Dashcom, and domain names have evolved. Today all the best addresses are available again – but this time it’s a level playing field open to all. Simply select any two words and separate them with a dash. Take ‘business’ and ‘com’ to create the website ‘business-com’ (you no longer need the ‘www’). Use any combination in any language. Use ‘honey’ and ‘moon’ to create the website ‘honey-moon’.

More descriptive and memorable, Internet users are able to express themselves precisely. Websites like ‘movies-com’ or ‘tennis-net’ are now possible. You can own the ‘stock-market’ or even possess ‘the-world’. Just about anything is possible and in whatever language or text you desire (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German and Spanish to name but a few).

DASHCOM ( ) websites are springing up all over the world. A new dimension has been added to the Internet that anyone can use. Think of this as your own Private Network in conjunction with the current DNS system offering unlimited possibilities for all those wanting personalization and easy-to-remember options. report mass uptake as the public continue to grab the most memorable, distinctive and potentially valuable names.

Dashworlds also provides free URL, IP and DNS forwarding. A personalised control panel is provided to enable users to publish their websites immediately. Coming soon, other free features such as Dashcom email, instant email, website design, upgraded website hosting as well as data storage.

DASHWORLDS specializes in providing the widest range of fully personalized Internet domain names through its global infrastructure.

For further details please see website:

(also available on and

DASHWORLDS has now linked up with other ISPs such as and (Also accessible via to offer the newly released ‘DASHCOM domains to the public totally free.

Press & Media Contact:
Brian Retkin
London, UK
+44 (0) 843 208 4638


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