Google Charges Government $25 to Spy on You; Yahoo Charges $29

Google is said to receive “tens of thousands” of requests annually from the United States government to turn over user data, and it may come as a surprise for the “Do no evil” company, but they will happily comply with any request they deem legitimate. Of Google is a business, so they won’t do it for free, but they won’t charge an arm and a leg either. For just $25, Google will turn over private user data.

Privacy researcher Christopher Soghoian obtained documents under the Freedom of Information Act which reveals that Google charges Feds $25 per account for surveillance services. Yahoo, on the other hand, charges $29 per account. Microsoft though lets the Feds spy on their users data for free.

Interestingly, most domestic wiretapping requests are said to come from the Drug Enforcement Agency. So it’s probably best if you keep your drug-dealing off your Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail account.

Getting either Google, Yahoo or Microsoft to spy on users for $29 or less is a bargain for the government, who are routinely charged much higher fees for spying by other companies. According to Wired, Comcast charges $1,000 per month for wiretapping services.


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