Rent really is too damn high, and here’s your proof! say city residents in nearly every borough

Getting a good deal on rent in this city isn’t just about whom you know, but where you are willing to move.

Rents vary widely from neighborhood to neighborhood, and everyone – from the richest bankers to the poorest working stiff – seems to find some place he can afford.

But if there is one thing that is universal, it’s that pretty much everyone complains it costs too much.

“The rent around here is ridiculous. It’s out of control,” said Allison George, who pays $900 for a one-bedroom flat in Flatbush, Brooklyn, where rents are slightly below the city’s median price as determined by census data.

“One bedroom used to cost $300; now it’s $900. The landlords don’t make any repairs. They ask for Manhattan prices and give you a ghetto treatment,” she said.

Naturally, Manhattan tops the scales with the most expensive neighborhoods in New York – the priciest being Greenwich Village, where median rents clock in at a towering $2,000.

The least expensive borough is the Bronx, with the cheapest rents found in Hunts Point, where the median price is just $600 a month.

With New York being the greatest city on Earth, choosing a place to live isn’t always just about money.

“Price is always going to be No. 1, but people are always willing to spend more to be close to the heart of it all,” said Alicia Schwartz, director of

“The psychology for a lot of people is to be in Manhattan or hipper parts of Brooklyn. People will live out in Queens, but they’ve got different priorities. It’s been this way for a long time.”

With prices spiraling ever higher, those who lock into a good deal typically stick with it for as long as possible.

“I feel like I can’t afford to move because I could never afford anything else,” said Melinda Holm, a Greenwich Village filmmaker who pays well below the going rate for her rent-stabilized studio. “Soon it’ll be just me and a bunch of financiers and bankers.”

Even in neighborhoods like Bushwick, where the rent is below average, change comes fast.

“I pay $1,106 with my wife for a one-bedroom. It’s crazy, but it’s a place to live,” said Earnest Shambley, a 50-year-old retiree who moved to Bushwick four years ago. “The rent is too damn high. You’ve seen that guy? It’s true.”


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