Solutions For the NYPD when confronted with situations involving those suffering with Mental Illness

RIPPD’s (Rights for Imprisoned People with Psychiatric Disabilities) Campaign to bring about Community Crisis Intervention Teams to the NYPD is an effort to save lives and create alternatives to incarceration for the mentally ill.

A population that has become the greater majority within the prison system across the nation, and whom everyday it can be found that someone with mental illness has committed suicide within a jail or prison.

The struggle rights for imprisoned people with psychiatric disabilities has not been an easy one, especially in bringing awareness to both community members and the nypd which has been a long one mired with hollow commitments ranging from politicians, to community organizations.

It’s members continue to push fiercely towards it’s goal of eliminating both the stigma and criminalization the city reserves towards those living with mental illness and in raising awareness that those living with mental illness should not be punished by the criminal justice system where their mental health will deteriorate alot more without chance for recovering nor obtaining their wellness and only to be released back into our society suffering much more. For more info. or to get involved contact Lisa Ortega via email or phone 646-260-6575. 

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