Protest Rally In Pakinstan In Support of Quit Kashmir Movement

Muzaffarabad, Oct 9: Dozens of people, including women and young girls, staged a rally here on Saturday to express their support to the ‘Quit Kashmir Movement’.
 The rally which began from the Press Club and culminated at the UN Military Observers office at Domel was organized by Mass Welfare Foundation (MWF), a non-governmental organization formed two years ago by fresh and former Kashmiri refugees.
 Led by MWF chairperson Amna Farooq Shah and coordinator Perveen Majeed, protestors were holding a big banner and several placards inscribed with pro-freedom and anti-India slogans.  
 The panaflex banner also carried some pictures of the resistance by Kashmiri youth. It was inscribed with ‘go India go back’ slogan in Urdu and ‘we want freedom’ in English.
 Outside the UN office, as the MWF chairperson waited for the UN observers to deliver them a memorandum, the protestors kept on chanting slogans.
 Some leaders also made speeches on the occasion wherein they paid to pay rich tributes to the Kashmiris for their dauntless struggle.
 The memorandum called upon the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to take immediate steps to fulfill the commitments made by the World Body to the Kashmiris more than six decades ago.
 “The UN must show complete solidarity with the Kashmiris by carrying out its obligations with regard to the disputed Himalayan region before it was too late,” the memorandum said, asking the UN to  realise the fact that the Kashmiris were committing no sin or offence by launching a peaceful struggle for their inalienable right to self determination.



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