Green City Challenge: October 17 · 11:30am – 5:30pm

On October 17th 2010, the very first Green City Challenge will take place in lower Manhattan. Contestants will race to green businesses and destinations throughout lower Manhattan and complete challenges that demonstrate their knowledge of how to live, work and eat green. Designed to capture your imagination, the Green City Challenge will expand your awareness of sustainable living and challenge you while having fun!

                         The Green City Challenge will test your knowledge of sustainability as you earn giant jigsaw puzzle pieces and solve clues in your quest to reach the finish line. This is not a typical race. Yes, there are start and finish lines, but time is not a factor.  The winner will be determined by who knows the most about green living.

Contestants will receive clues to where the destinations are and ride their bicycles to get there. They will then perform challenges related to living, eating or working green. Along the way, points will be earned according to how well they do on the challenges. Whichever team earns the most points wins!

You can watch the fun by joining the contestants and volunteers at the starting line at 12 noon at La Plaza Cultural Community Garden on Avenue C and East 9th St in the East Village. Or you can gather at the finish line at Solar One on East 23rd Street at the East River. There will be an eco fair, with organic and vegetarian food and refreshments available there. The Eco Fair will be open from 3 – 5 pm. The winning teams will be announced at 4PM.

Open Green Map

Contact Us

To learn more about the Green City Challenge, please contact:

Les Judd

John Messerschmidt

The Starting Line


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