International Students Movement NEW Video on the “Global Wave” + Protests Worldwide

                                                   ::: Video :::

First video to spread the word about the "global wave" is ready:

  • (for those who can't access the video on youtube)

Do help to spread this video to groups and activists in your region and worldwide 🙂
It might be very helpful to have the written text (incl. 3 pages about the basic elements) in this video translated into various languages. Anybody who wants to do that, just drop me a line.

::: Global overview of Protests – August 2010 :::

An overview of most education protests actions during August 2010 is online in English and German.
The overview is almost complete. I just received news that the University of Costa Rica and schools in Argentina are occupied. This still needs to be added once I have more details on that.
Details on this in Spanish: (Argentina) + (Costa Rica)

Let's get organized and unite in our struggle for free and emancipatory public education – worldwide!
An independent platform – International Student Movement:


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