Tell Gov. Paterson to Sign Human Rights Law Bill Now!

Exciting news since our last alert: The Legislature has sent the governor a bill that will help thousands of New Yorkers with criminal histories fight illegal discrimination!

Now we need him to sign the bill into law — that’s where you come in.



S4687/A8012 gives people with criminal histories who face discrimination from public agencies the same opportunities to seek redress for human rights violations as those facing other forms of discrimination.

While this law will help all people with criminal histories find and keep jobs, it will have a particular impact on communities of color: Studies have shown that people of color with criminal histories face even higher levels of discrimination in the job market.

This bill will also save the state money by giving people the right to file claims administratively at the Division of Human Rights, achieving speedy results at less cost to everyone. (Click here to read the legislation.)

Get Involved!

  1. Click here to email the governor. Remember to put the bill number, S4687/A8012, in the subject line.

    Tell him to sign the bill, which extends equal protection to people discriminated against by a public agency as a result of their criminal record, and saves valuable resources.

  2. Then, call him to express your support: (518) 474-8390.

    What to say: Hello, my name is _______, and I strongly urge Governor Paterson to sign S4687/A8012.

Thank you for your help and support of this critically important bill.


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