Raising Awareness, Building Communities

Rights for Imprisoned People with Psychiatric Disabilities (RIPPD) has been working on policing issues for years. Specifically we have been pushing for the implementation of Community Crisis Intervention Teams so that the people with psychiatric disabilities can get access to treatment and not be harassment, arrested or killed by the cops.

We wanted to shout out Ñetas and Mothers on The Move for their collaboration on making our Raising Awareness, Building Communities event happen. In unity all things are possible. This event brought to light an issue that for far too long has been ignored in our communities., namely mental illness and the criminal injustice system. We as a community still hold a stigma against those with mental illness. This stigma has allowed the NYPD to easily target, taser, beat and kill people with mental illness without any recourse or accountability.

Community Crisis Intervention Teams have been successful in major cities all over the United States, having originally started in Memphis. Not only have these teams saved lives but they have actually changed the culture of police departments adding a level of humanity and understanding that did not previously exist. RIPPD will continue to fight until the NYPD changes their practices and adopts Community Crisis Intervention Teams. For more information contact Lisa Ortega at 646-260-6575 or


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