How to waste millions of taxpayer dollars

FIRM at the Center for Community Change

Dear Friends,

The House this week is gearing up to vote on a bill for "border protection" – HR 5875.  That's another way of saying that they're going to waste money on our current, broken immigration system rather than come up with a real, comprehensive fix for it.

Call Speaker Pelosi and tell her to focus on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Call 866-956-1737

Comprehensive immigration reform is about providing a path to legalization for the undocumented immigrants already here, protecting familes and children who were brought here and stopping greedy businesses from exploiting workers. Congress should be focusing on these things, not wasting money on securing an already-safe border

We know that this "border protection" bill is not a solution.  Approving $600 million in enforcement-only spending won't do anything to fix our broken immigration system.  We need real solutions that protect families.

Speaker Pelosi considers herself a champion of human rights.  Call her and demand that she should be a champion for the millions of 1,100 families that are torn apart every day and the millions of hard-working immigrants that are ready to do their part once she and Congress do theirs.

Tell Speaker Pelosi to stay focused on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Call 866-956-1737

In solidarity,

Dennis and the FIRM team


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