Fault Lines – Dying Inside: Elderly in prison

In this special investigation, “Fault Lines: Dying Inside,” we see amazing footage that includes:

* a prisoner with Huntington’s Chorea in the nation’s first specialized unit for demented patients, a 30-bed facility in New York that has never before been filmed for TV

* 100-year-old Sherman Parker, demented and missing one leg, being cared for by a prisoner earning $5 a month in an Oklahoma prison “operating in warehouse mode” due to severe budget cuts

* 86-year-old Plutarcho Hill, imprisoned for 66 years for a 1947 murder, who has escaped and returned to prison 10 times

* Larry White, a 72-year-old ex-convict released from prison three years ago who is “going back and helping those I left behind” by lobbying for compassionate release for elderly prisoners

* a woman volunteer who is dedicating her life to providing hospice for dying prisoners in the Pennyslvania prisons


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