Beyond Bars: Mental Health-Addictions and Criminal Justice Collaborations

Magazine Table of Contents


What Happened to Me, Not What Was Wrong With Me Tonier Cain

Editorial: Improving Public Safety and Maximizing Taxpayer Dollars Neal Cash

Human Rights at Home: Mental Illness in U.S. Prisons and Jails David Fuller

Ending an American Tragedy: Addressing the Needs of Justice-Involved People with Mental Illnesses and Co-Occurring Disorders

National Leadership Forum for Behavioral Health/Criminal Justice Services

Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Collaboration: Where Does the Buck Stop? Interview with Linda Rosenberg

Decriminalizing Mental Illness: Miami Dade County Tackles a Crisis at the Roots Steven Leifman, Tim Coffey

Jails and Prisons, Our New Mental Asylums Interview with Pete Earley

Reducing Justice Involvement for People with Mental Illness: Strategies that Work Interview with Fred Osher

Funding for Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Programs Henry J. Steadman, Samantha Califano

Back to Basics: Evaluating Opportunities to Serve the Justice-Involved Population in Community Behavioral Health John Petrila

Advocate to Give Youth a Second Chance: Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Reauthorization Act Mohini Venkatesh

FROM THE FIELD Center for Health Care Services, Centerstone, Citrus Health Network, Community Partnership of Southern Arizona, Community Psychiatric Clinic, Chrysalis, Hands Across Long Island, John Eachon Re-entry Program, The Kent Center, Mental Health Center of Denver, MHMR Tarrant County, River Edge Behavioral Health Center, River Oak Center for Children, Seacoast Mental Health Center, Spanish Peaks Mental Health Center, Wayne State University Project CARE

Double Tragedies: Speaking Out Against the Death Penalty for People with Mental Illness Ron Honberg

Reinstating Medicaid Benefits: Life in the Community after Incarceration Alex Blandford

Incarceration and Homelessness: Breaking the Tragic and Costly Cycle Andy McMahon


Mental Health First Aid Equips Police Officers to De-escalate Crises Richard Leclerc E-learning in Corrections: Viable Training Option in a Tough Economy Diane Geiman


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