25-27 June 2010

*Available in English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

The Group of 8 Leaders and the Group of 20 Leaders are meeting in Ontario, from the 25th to the 27th of June, 2010. On these same dates we are calling for a people’s convergence in Toronto. These gatherings are about trying to fix capitalism, a system that cannot be fixed; about creating unsustainable trading solutions to ecological catastrophe; about ensuring the continued exploitation of people of colour and the South and about celebrating war as a means to create puppet allies and maintain imperialist power. This is a call to disrupt and shut down the places, the systems and the ideas that exploit and exclude us.

In their place, let us creatively build the world we wish to live in. A world with self-determination for indigenous peoples; climate and environmental justice; income equity and community control over resources; migrant justice and an end to war and occupation; gender justice, queer and disAbility rights. On these days, we call for Days of Action across the world that    showcase solutions from the ground up.

Plans so far include:

18 – 20 June 2010: 2010 People’s Summit (http://peoplessummit2010.ca/)
21 – 24 June 2010: Themed Days of Resistance (Build Up)
June 21: Economic Justice, Migrant Justice and End War and Occupation   June 22: Gender Justice; Queer and DisAbility rights
June 23: Climate and Environmental Justice
June 24: Indigenous Sovereignty and Self-Determination

People are encouraged to host meetings, film screenings, panel events, performances, marches, rallies, direct actions in cities across the world that fit in to these themes. Please let us know what you are planning. Write to community.mobilize@resist.ca

25-27 June 2010: Days of Action in support of

~ self-determination for indigenous peoples    
~ climate justice
~ income equity and community control over resources  
~ migrant justice and an end to war and occupation
~ gender justice, queer and disAbility rights

25 June: Toronto Community Day of Action. 2:30pm. Allen Gardens. Details of meeting for all community and labor member based organizations available soon – http://g20.torontomobilize.org/25june

26 June: March/Rally. This action is presently being organized by labor unions, community groups and NGOs. 1:00pm. Queen’s Park

26 June: Get off the fence! Anti-Capitalist March, Anti-Colonial March    to the Summit. After the permitted Rally. Organized by SOAR shutdowntheG20@resist.ca

26 June:  Saturday Night Fever! Radical Street Party. Organized by    SOAR, shutdowntheG20@resist.ca

27 June:  Autonomous Direct Actions. Organized by SOAR, shutdowntheG20@resist.ca

27 June:  Victory March.

Refer to the full Schedule for more information.


    (a) Sign up to our low traffic announcement list, join us on facebook and follow us on twitter. Email community.mobilize@resist.ca
    (b) If you are organizing any actions or events between 21 and 27 June    2010, do get in touch. We will be creating a schedule of activities
    for that week and would like to list all events happening.
    (c) Organize events. Throw parties. Invite speakers. Take Action. If    you need any support contact us at  community.mobilize@resist.ca
    (d) Spread the word! Forward this message on lists. Put up posters and    hand out pamphlets. Organize creative actions and join community
    struggles. [http://g20.torontomobilize.org/tools]
    (e) Please donate! Please make cheques out to Toronto Community    Mobilization Network, 360A Bloor Street West, PO Box 68557, Toronto,
    ON M5S1X0. In-kind support is also greatly appreciated, visit    http://g20.torontomobilize.org/support for what we need

Web: http://g20.torontomobilize.org    
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=236150947036
Twitter: http://twitter.com/g20mobilize
Email: community.mobilize@resist.ca

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