Seize BP Places Large Banner in Front of White House — Mounting Pressure on Obama administration

Seize BP banner with logo, 750 px wide

Seize BP Places Large Banner
in Front of White House –
Mounting Pressure on Obama administration

As President Obama carries out behind-the-scenes negotiations with BP executives, activists from Seize BP placed a large banner in front of the White House that reads: Seize BP’s Assets and is signed by the organization

White House Seize BP
Click here to download the hi-resolution version (1.8mb)

Statement from

For six weeks the Obama administration just said NO to the growing nationwide chorus of public opinion demanding that the government seize BP’s assets in an amount commensurate with the damage caused by their criminal negligence, and that the funds be placed into a trust that could quickly and easily pay for damages and compensation now and into the future as more damages accrue.

Directly on the heels of Seize BP's demonstrations taking place in more than 50 cities — with more demonstrations occurring every day — officials from the administration are now announcing a "new" approach to BP: President Obama has given BP an ultimatum to create an escrow fund administered by an independent body for the payment of claims and damages or the White House will invoke its legal authority to create such an escrow account from BP’s assets.

Click here to read the full statement.


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