Interviews about Solitary Confinement happening Tomorrow

This event was forwarded by a member of Rights for Imprisoned People with Psychiatric Disabilities ( whom also works for the Urban Justice Center/Mental Health Project
I was recently contacted by the filmmakers and media journalists Lindsay Schneider and Chris Bravo. They are working on a project called “Silence Opens Doors”. I have included the description of the project below.

They are coming to the Urban Justice Center this Thursday at 4:30pm to interview people about solitary confinement. They are interested in speaking with advocates, people who have spent time in the SHU and their family members.

If you would like to participate please come to come to the Urban Justice Center (123 William Street, 16th Floor) at 4pm. Also feel free to contact me at 646-602-5683 to let me know that you are coming.

Thanks so much!


I am a filmmaker and new media journalist, and am working on a project called Silence Opens Doors ( with my friend and partner, Chris Bravo. It’s a multimedia “magazine” that examines silence and noise as cultural phenomena, drawing on the work of activists, scientists, filmmakers, writers, artists, and musicians across the country. We’re hoping to develop the project into a feature-length documentary that uses the practice of solitary confinement in prisons to make a larger statement about how our soundscape is controlled and manipulated, and how we can take back our acoustic ecologies. I’d be interested in talking to you about the work being done at the Urban Justice Center right now in this area, in the hopes that we could put together a short documentary piece on your work for our website.

To give you a sense of Silence Opens Doors: It’s an interdisciplinary project that approaches numerous stories and characters who each take a specific angle on the subject. There is a ton of information on our website, but briefly, there’ll be astrophysicists, filmmakers, artists, sound artists, deaf families, medical specialists, political theorists, and prisoners who live in perpetual solitary confinement. You can see three such projects:

* NEPU:MIC’D: A short documentary about the New England Phonographers Union, a confederation of sound artists and musicians who create dynamic live performances with unprocessed field recordings.
* GEORGE PROCHNIK’S PURSUIT: A three-part video interview with George Prochnik about his new book, In Pursuit of Silence. He spoke with us about what silence means in a world inundated with noise-making machines and devices, and how to nurture a more meaningful connection with our soundscape by building more “acoustical contrast” into our cities.
* SILENT WORSHIP AT BROOKLYN FRIENDS: A short documentary about the practice of silent worship with the members of the Brooklyn Friends Meeting House.

If you’d be interested in meeting up with Chris and I for a short interview, we’d love that and would like to make that happen. Also, if you have any events, meetings, or talks coming up, we’d love to be able to document that, too.

Please let me know.
All my best,
Lindsey Schneider

Silence Opens Doors

Alexandra H. Smith, MSW

Soros Justice Fellow

Mental Health Project

Urban Justice Center

123 William Street, 16th Floor

New York, NY 10038

Tel: (646)-602-5683

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