Incredibly important NY Fracking Moratorium Vote – this must be done by Monday, June 7

The NY Legislature is poised to vote on a moratorium on gas drilling. But it must get out of committee to get such a chance at passage. Thank you so much!!!

Please email the following letter (cut, paste, and sign) to State Senator Antoine Thompson at:


TO: The Honorable Antoine Thompson, Chair, NYS Senate Environmental Conservation Committee
DATE: June 5, 2010

RE: Sponsoring and placing S7592A on agenda of next EnCon committee meeting

Dear Sen. Thompson:

We very much appreciate your responsible, environmentally-aware leadership as chair of the NYS Senate Environmental Conservation Committee. We appreciate the time you have taken to hold roundtables on high volume hydraulic fracturing gas drilling and visit gas drilling areas in Pennsylvania. We urge you to follow through on these initiatives, add your name as a sponsor of the Addabbo bill, S.7592A, place S.7592A on next week’s En Con committee agenda and use your influence to get the bill enacted.

With each passing day, the public learns more about negative environmental, health, and economic impacts from large-scale gas drilling operations on our communities and ourselves. A moratorium will allow time for additional public and agency deliberations, additional scientific studies, and cost benefit analyses. We read that Texas has a huge state budget deficit, and that Arkansas pays road repair costs from gas drilling that are seven times the severance taxes it receives. In NYS, we hear that banks are pulling mortgages and home equity loans from properties with gas leases and even from properties adjacent to those with leases.

In April, at an environmental conference hosted by the state Business Council, DEC’s Commissioner Grannis said, “I guess if you had to pick a time, I think late summer, early fall we’ll be nearing the end of the review process.” And his words were echoed by DEC Director of Mineral Resources Bradley Field at the same conference, saying the entire process, including the issuance of permits, would be finished in 2010. aa

Allowing drilling permits to go forward for high volume hydraulic fracturing at this time could have disastrous impacts on our state. We need a moratorium while further studies are done so all legislators and the public can assess possible impacts.

The time is not next year; it is now before the close of session that you must act to protect our water, land, forest, and air and economic future.

Our eyes are upon you and we are confident that our reliance upon you is well placed. This is your defining moment in Senate history. We count on your seizing it with the foresight to do the right thing right now to protect our state.


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