June 8 Tell Congress and the White House: No More Aid, End the Blockade!

Tell Congress and the White House: No More Aid, End the Blockade!

June 3, 2010

As details continue to emerge about the Israeli act of aggression against the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters, global outrage, protest, and condemnation continues. Take action now.

We're compiling information on the misuse of U.S. weapons in these attacks, including attacks on U.S. citizens.

This morning we learned that one of the civilians killed by the Israeli commandos was a U.S. citizen, Furkan Dogan. 

Additionally, we know that several U.S. citizens, including US Campaign Advisory Board member Huwaida Arraf and US Campaign member Paul Larudee were beaten badly during the attack; and that U.S. citizen Emily Henochowicz lost her eye after being shot with a tear gas canister while protesting the flotilla massacre near the Qalandia Checkpoint in the West Bank.

Click here

to download a template letter that you can give to your Member of Congress demanding an investigation into violations of the Arms Export Control Act.

Take action by contacting your Members of Congress and the White House to demand a complete, independent investigation; the end of the illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip; and an end to U.S. funding of Israeli aggression and war crimes.

Take action now by clicking here!

Protests and Rallies

You can also find resources for protests and media action on our Gaza Freedom Flotilla web section.

Protests continue across the United States–join one near you, or organize your own using our Gaza Freedom Flotilla resources and register your action with the Gaza Freedom March website.

Here's a list of U.S. actions in the coming days:

June 3:

Charlottesville, VA

New York, NY

June 4:

Knoxville, TN

San Francisco, CA

Raleigh, NC

Tampa, FL

Washington, DC

Oklahoma City, OK

Iowa City, IA

Dallas, TX

Houston, TX

June 5:

Northfield, MN

San Francisco, CA

Fort Wayne, IN

Philadelphia, PA

Sioux Falls, SD

New Orleans, LA

Eugene, OR

June 8:

New York, NY

Keep checking the website for more actions!

What Else Can You Do?

1) Organize an event to respond to the Emergency BDS Day of Action call issued by the Palestinian BDS National Committee.


Stay on top of the US Campaign's appearances "In the News" to find out more about how we're educating people about Israel's atrocity on the high seas.

3) Keep an eye on our blog for updates.

4) Support Evergreen College divestment! This morning we learned that the student body at Evergreen College, where U.S. activist Rachel Corrie attended college, has voted yes to two resolutions calling for divestment from companies that profit from the Israeli occupation. 79.5% of Evergreen College students voted yes to a resolution calling for a "socially responsible investment policy" and to "divest from companies that profit from Israel's occupation of Palestine." And 71.8% of the students voted to establish Evergreen College as a "Caterpillar Free Zone" because of the militarized bulldozers that CAT sells to the Israeli government (one of which was used to kill Rachel Corrie). Learn more by clicking here, and learn how you can support Evergreen College divestment efforts by clicking here

5) Learn more how citizens can act to hold Israel accountable through the movement for boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) and take action by clicking here.

Thank you for everything that you are doing to protest Israel's actions against the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, its immoral blockade of the Palestinian Gaza Strip, and its illegal 43-year military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip!  We'll be in touch soon.

Respond to Israel's Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

1 .
Take action.

2. Organize a protest.

3. Download educational and organizing materials.

4. Follow us "In the News."

5. Support Evergreen College divestment

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