Former US Ambassador Edward Peck Says Flotilla Activists Were Defending Themselves

Peck was aboard one of the Free Gaza boats trying to go to Gaza that Israel seized. He returned to the U.S. yesterday. He said today: "What the Israelis are claiming is laughable. The passengers were defending the ships, the Israelis were attacking them — not the other way around. The Israeli spokespeople keep referring to their soldiers having paint guns — as if they didn't pose a real threat — but they also had automatic weapons and stun grenades and pepper spray and tasers."

watch his CNN interview
June 2nd, 2010
Flotilla witness says activists were defending themselves in fighting Israeli soldiers
A former US ambassador who was on the flotilla that was intercepted by Israeli forces at it attempted to bring humanitarian aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip says "the people on the ship were defending" themselves when they attempted to fight off Israeli soldiers.

Edward Peck told the hosts of CNN's American Morning on Wednesday, "The purpose was humanitarian. We posed no threat to anybody…


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