Photos: May 29 Resistance Against SB1070 and Icons of Imperialism

Photos: May 29 Resistance Against SB1070 and Icons of Imperialism

A  group of about 30 Dakota and other Native people marched across the Mendota Bridge on Saturday, while over 250 Latin@ immigrants and allies rallied at the Whipple Federal Building near the Fort Snelling LRT station.  They converged on the gates of the historic fort, awash in tourists on its hot, bright and dusty opening day.

After a rally there, several dozen of the protesters entered the historic fort, disregarding the $10 entry fee for the chance to interact with tourists and bystanders, whose attention was drawn to the Meshika dancers and large banners. Minnseota Historical Society/Fort Snelling program manager Kevin Maijala told KSTP TV that such demonstrations are a good thing because they prompt visitors to ask questions.  Certainly that is true – but in reality, the Historical Society and Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office responded in force, threatening the protesters with arrest, trying to close the fort gates to lock them in, and asking Native demonstrators to separate themselves from non-Native ones.

Before any of that could happen, however, the protest marched outside the gates to regroup.

Meanwhile, in Phoenix, 50,000 to 100,000 marched on the Arizona State Capitol against SB 1070 and rallied all day long, calling for federal intervention in perhaps the strongest mobilization yet against the racist law – well surpassing the attendance of recent anti-immigrant demonstrations.

getting ready to go outside St. Peter’s Church

parking lot sign at the whipple building

march on the move

other march on the move



outside the admission gates

inside the gates


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