Boycott BP/ARCO in Seattle: Report | Future Boycott Actions

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Boycott BP/ARCO Action Sucessful in Seattle – Future Boycott Actions

Chicago and Minneapolis folks looking for partners for May 31 Actions
Seattle Boycott Actions on Friday Received Good Media Coverage
Coordinate with Others Across the Country at Boycott BP on Facebook

Boycott BP/ARCO Action, Seattle, Friday, 5-28

For the second Friday in a row, Backbone Campaign organized and led a successful Boycott BP/ARCO action in Seattle. Freeway bannering was conducted during the morning commute hours, followed by a very visible demonstration with banner and signs in front of an ARCO station. Media coverage was good: three TV channels and one radio station. Watch the video coverage from KING5 TV here.

Backbone is a team effort
The projects referred to in this Update involved dozens of dedicated people doing what they can to make a difference. We are always looking for new volunteers to get involved in whatever capacity they are able to. Call 206-408-8058 if you would like join the team!

Our work is also made possible through generous support from our local community and progressive allies around the country. If you like what you see coming from the Backbone Campaign, then please consider making even a one time or recurring Online Donation Now to support those who make this possible.
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Or mail a check to:

Backbone Campaign
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5% of your grocery dollar will go to the Backbone Campaign if you get a Scrip Card from us! Call us at 206-408-8058 and we'll send you a card.

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Take Action…
in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Around the Country

Backbone is supporting emerging activists around the country through the Boycott BP Facebook site. Visit their discussion pages to learn what is happening in your part of the country.
Chicago – Learn about a Demonstration/Protest happening on Monday, May 31, at a BP refinery. Contact Angela for more information.
Minneapolis – Learn about a Demonstration/Protest happening on Monday, May 31, at a BP station. Contact Sarah for more information. Take Action Now
This is a time to Self-Organize. DO NOT wait for national organizations to ramp up for action. We cannot afford to wait for the leaders – because the leaders are waiting for us! A few as 1 or 2 people can picket a BP or affiliated station for as little as 30 minutes on a lunch hour and inspire others to do the same. Our toolkit has placards that you can use or adapt.

Our recent Seattle actions have been hugely successful and are being used by others around the country as an example. Our Boycott BP Action-In-A-Box toolkit is a tool we want you to add to.

Image build on Vashon Island on Thursdays
Come join our weekly Thursday evening image making and pizza party where we are sprucing up our banner, making more placards, working on images for the US Social Forum, and more. Meet us at our warehouse space between 6-9pm. (Map)

If you have any question call the office at 206-408-8058 or e-mail We are happy to share press lists, image files etc.

Create a fun and easy action with our NEW Action-in-a-Box Toolkit:

  • Boycott BP Placards (Made to print on 11×17) "Accountability for Ecotrocities" & "Tax Big Oil Profits…"
  • 11×17 Spine Card for you member of Congress. (Print on heavy paper/cardstock for best results). Perfect for an office visit on Friday – or – send by mail. Editable Word.doc, PDF
  • Complete alphabet and banner making instructions at our "Freeway Bannering Is An Easy & Effective Way to Spread Your Message!" page.
  • Example press advisory HERE. IF you want to amplify your action by alerting the press, then be sure to organize your friends to be at the location at least 30 minutes before the time advertised in your press advisory. (This qualifies as a "hard learned lesson.")

  • BP/Arco,Boycott Action in,SeattleBackbone BP Boycott Action on Q13 Fox News
    In case you missed it, our rolling action in Seattle on Friday, May 14 received a lot of media attention. Q13Fox and Kiro7 TV, Komo News Radio, and the Seattle PI Online/ AP all reported on our actions. Check out the Q13 coverage where our own Bill Moyer champions the BP/Arco Boycott and the notion of corporate capital punishment.

    Transforming Catastrophe into Opportunity: A Conversation on Gulf Eco-Crime, Big Oil, & Carbon Tax as a Tool to Transition Off Fossil Fuels

    Featuring Antonia Juhasz, James Handley, and Kathy Callan
    As we recoil in horror that not 1,000 – not 5,000 – BUT 25,000 barrels of oil per day are gushing into ocean waters poisoning the Gulf of Mexico, let us prepare for action. Backbone Campaign organized Monday's (5-10) Conversation with the Cabinet webcast to help you channel your rage into action with the strongest possible demands.


    Read More

    phone: (206) 408-8058

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