Animal Rights National Conference July 15th-19th

Welcome to Animal Rights 2010, the world’s largest and oldest animal rights gathering. The Conference will take place on July 15-19th at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center Hotel, an outstanding conference venue, near our nation’s capital.


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  • Concurrent tracks on animal abuse, organizing, tactics, ideas
  • Eyewitness reports on key campaigns
  • Ninety speakers from 60 organizations
  • All viewpoints on animal liberation featured
  • Talks by other social justice leaders
  • Awards to celebrities and activists
  • Extensive learning and networking options
  • 90 exhibits (free to visitors)
  • 80 videos (including “Skin Trade” premiere)
  • Highly discounted registration (to May 10th)
  • Highly discounted sleeping rooms
  • Magnificent conference space
  • Free shuttle to Metro and free parking


  • Each day starting with a morning plenary
  • Speed touting – one-minute plenary slots to promote your project
  • Fewer speakers per session – more time for speakers & Q&A
  • Several hands-on training workshops on street interactions, persuasion, negotiation, and more
  • More exciting rap sessions



Gene Baur – Farm Sanctuary
Michael Budkie – Stop Animal Exploitation!
Karen Davis – United Poultry Concerns
Tom Devine – Gov’t Accountability Project
Debra Erenberg – Rainforest Action Network
Camille Hankins – Win Animal Rights
Alex Hershaft – Farm Animal Rights Mov’t
Lorri Houston – Animal Acres
Shannon Keith – Skin Trade

Anthony Marr – HOPE-CARE Foundation
Keith McHenry – Food Not Bombs!
Shirley McGreal – Int’l Primate Protect. League
Erica Meier – Compassion Over Killing
Peter Muller – League of Humane Voters
Lauren Ornelas – Food Empowerment Project
Becky Robinson – Alley Cat Allies
Nathan Runkle – Mercy For Animals

Peter Young – Voice of the Voiceless


  • Leaders of animal protection organizations
  • Animal activists
  • People who care about animals
  • People who want to learn about animals
  • Producers & retailers of animal-friendly products
  • Providers of animal-friendly services


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