Anti-Colonial People's Convergence with Rallies. Marches. Parties. Forums.

Autonomous, Creative and Fun Actions.
Tent City in Toronto and across Turtle Island



Democracy shirking,  fear mongering, women's rights abusing Stephen Harper
invites us all to watch rich people talk to rich people about how to save
the world from rich people. This June, the G8/G20 circus is coming to

Once again billions will be spent. So that politicians, lawyers and big
businessmen can assure us that the world is in safe hands.  Like a song
for Haiti, we'll be told that the few can be many.

>From the 21st to the 27th of June the people of Toronto, Turtle Island
invite the whole world to sing a different song.

Toronto – from Jane and Finch to Parkdale, Rexdale to Malvern. The inner
colony run by the institutions of economy. Where schools banish children,
governments banish schools.  Employers degrade and profit from the
exploitation of women. Migrant workers bleed dry/ Indigenous
peoples pushed aside. Humiliated by laws that line the pockets of the
wealthy under their corporate sky.

Welcome to Toronto where the welfare line grows almost as quick as the gap
between the rich and the poor. Where a welfare check won?t get you a roof,
let alone food. Welcome to our streets. 3$ from A to B. They will deny
disAbility because time waits for nobody. The city behind the tower: it
ain?t free.

Welcome to streets choked by big businesses gut rot. Where doctors of
colour work the taxis, the factories; where women work the homes of the
wealthy; to try and keep their children healthy; to try and find
opportunity in a land of plenty on a belly starved empty.

Welcome to urban apartheid; streets partitioned by police, security,
immigration officials and CCTV. The city?s paramilitary, and their bedtime
buddy the TV, wage war on the homeless, the youth, the sex worker the
black male in the hoody, the faces that make their label: poverty.
Welcome to streets where the G8/G20 feeds, where their hatred economy
breeds the nine's that kill our children, the laws the pollute our food.

Welcome to the fenced streets; where the powers that be underestimate the
powers of you and me. Where we are re-writing the word destiny. For in the
cracks in the concrete we find sustenance. In the name of tomorrow we
return these streets to the global family?to those who wish her free.

In these streets, no one is illegal; another world is possible and it?s
here; and it?s now and it?s a party. We don?t need no song from no
celebrity. We won?t be sung to sleep. Their song won?t heal the world
because we have our own words, our own flag and it?s unfurled.

We are the people; We are the beat; that will run rings round capitalism?s
two feet.

Our world needs you. Let the G8/G20 hear you: 'We are the many, you are
the few'

SCHEDULE: http://g20.torontomobilize.org/schedule
GET INVOLVED: http://g20.torontomobilize.org/getinvolved
SUPPORT US: http://g20.torontomobilize.org/support
COMING TO TORONTO?: http://g20.torontomobilize.org/comingtotoronto

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Part 2:  


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One Response to “G8/G20 CONVERGENCE IN CANADA 21 – 27 June 2010 DAYS OF ACTION: 25-27 JUNE”
  1. The Destructionist says:


    Capitalism was founded upon basic principles: production, supply and demand, and capital accumulation. It is a social theory whereby prices are determined by profit and loss, as well as market interest and fluctuations.

    Although I understand the need for a free market enterprise, such a theory should not imply that we are willing to disregard our environment, or sacrifice the needs and comforts of our humanity in an attempt to realize higher profits (a.k.a., BP, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, etc).

    Capitalism may be wonderful, but like anything else, it is still a flawed system. It’s a work in progress. It needs to be tweaked here and there in order to perfect its balance and to soothe the inordinate swings that occur day-to-day in our financial markets. If left unchecked, however, such a system will prove to be our economic downfall.

    How so?

    Well, for one thing, there is only so much profit a business can make from a product before it is left to cut costs in both quality and workmanship. In order to continually sustain a profit, businesses have to create those same products with lower quality ingredients and cheaper labor: which means that they must pull up stakes and move to other countries like China, Taiwan, or Mexico in order to survive. What does this eventually mean for people like you and me? It means that the very financial theory that promoted our country to super power status has turned on us. It means that the American workforce is now expected to work harder, longer, cheaper, and faster if we are to compete with the global economy now breathing down our necks.

    Where do we go from here?

    George Orwell had it right, to some extent, when he wrote his book1984. Many years from now, money will become worthless and the global populace will be employed and subject to hundreds (if not thousands) of individualized corporations that managed to survive attrition through merger aquisitions. It will be a feudalistic society: every corporation out for blood and vying for global dominance and absolute power. Our children and grandchildren will be there too: housed, clothed and fed by these various corporate entities; all the while being sent out on occasion, like brainless automatons, to errands of war, in an effort to absorb the weakest corporations into the fold. After all the dust settles, and everything is said and done, the remaining corporations will finally merge into a one-world government.

    Science fiction, you say?

    (…I’m left wondering.)

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