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New Titles at
Maria's Story: A Documentary Portrait of Love and Survival in El Salvador's Civil War
60 minutes
price: $19.95

The Angry Brigade: A History of Britain's First Urban Guerilla Group
Gordon Carr
280 pages
price: $24.95

Labor's Civil War in California: The NUHW Healthcare Workers' Rebellion
Cal Winslow
128 pages
price: $12.00

Prison Culture
Paperback oversize
95 pages
price: $19.95

The Fire and the Word: A History of the Zapatista Movement
Gloria Munoz Ramirez
339 pages
price: $16.95

New World of Indigenous Resistance
eds. Lois Meyer and Benjamín Maldonado
416 pages
price: $18.95

Rebels, Reds, Radicals: Rethinking Canada's Left History
Ian McKay
254 pages
price: $19.95

New World Coming: The Sixties and the Coming of Global Consciousness
ed. Karen Dubinsky, Catherine Krull, Susan Lord, Sean Mills and Scott Rutherford
512 pages
price: $39.95

G8/G20 Resistance:
Toronto in June!
The Group of 8 leaders and the Group of 20 leaders are meeting in Ontario from June 25-27, 2010. Toronto-based organizations of women, people of colour, indigenous peoples, the poor, the working class, queer and trans people and disabled people are organizing a people's convergence.

Bilingual Anti-Capitalist Convergence Reader from Montreal
"Coup de Semence"

3rd Annual Hamilton Anarchist Bookfair

June 5, 2010
Westdale High School, 700 Main St. West, Hamilton, Ontario

Sporadic Newsletter #81 May 4 2010
Clenched Fists, Empty Pockets: true life stories of working-class activists in the middle-class left

The latest from Kersplebedeb:
Hot off the copy machine, Clenched Fists Empty Pockets is a pamphlet from Kerslebedeb, examining the true life experiences of working-class activists in the middle class left.
In Clenched Fists Empty Pockets six working-class activists from Sweden discuss their experiences with class and middle-class hegemony in a variety of left-wing scenes and organizations. In doing so they flesh out the complexities and limits of what in Sweden is referred to as a “class journey.” Dealing with more than economic realities, the authors grapple with the full gamut of cultural and social class hierarchies that are embedded in the society and the left.
As Fredric Carlsson-Andersson and Atilla Pişkin explain in their introductory essay:
"The texts gathered here deal with the left as well, but in a different way: they address an alternative movement that regularly talks about the working class, but often in circles that lack even a single working-class member. In particular, though, the texts are about us: comrades from the working class who find themselves on the left, and who find themselves feeling lost and out of place – obviously, not always, but often enough. It’s easy to imagine the left as unconditionally welcoming. However, that’s not the case. As in all other scenes, the left has strict standards of right and wrong. It can take years to learn all of the rules."
This selection of essays was originally published in a German pamphlet, itself a selection of texts from the Swedish book En knuten näve i fickan, published by Yelah in 2008. The German pamphlet was published under the title Mit geballter Faust in der Tasche: Klassenkonflikte in der Linken–Debatten aus Schweden by Syndikat-A in March 2009.
This english-language edition contains a preface by translator Gabriel Kuhn, and an introduction by former Montreal activist Michael Ryan, which can be read online here.

Regular price $4.50, available directly from for $3.00 – click here to order.
Product Details
edited by Fredric Carlsson-Andersson and Atilla Pişkin
translated by Gabriel Kuhn and André Moncourt
saddle-stitched pamphlet
36 pages
published by Kersplebedeb in 2010
ISBN 978-1-894946-34-6

Gord Hill's 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book

A comic-book history of genocide and resistance, by Kwakwakawak'w artist and activist Gord Hill.


The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book is a powerful graphic portrayal of Indigenous resistance to the European colonization of the Americas, beginning with the Spanish invasion under Christopher Columbus and ending with the Six Nations land reclamation in Ontario in 2006. Gord Hill spent two years unearthing images and researching historical information to create The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book, which presents the story of Aboriginal resistance in a far-reaching format.
Other events depicted include the 1680 Pueblo Revolt in New Mexico; the Inca insurgency in Peru from the 1500s to the 1780s; Pontiac and the 1763 Rebellion & Royal Proclamation; Geronimo and the 1860s Seminole Wars; Crazy Horse and the 1877 War on the Plains; the rise of the American Indian Movement in the 1960s; 1973’s Wounded Knee; the Mohawk Oka Crisis in Quebec in 1990; and the 1995 Aazhoodena/Stoney Point resistance.
With strong, plain language and evocative illustrations, The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book documents the fighting spirit and ongoing resistance of Indigenous peoples through 500 years of genocide, massacres, torture, rape, displacement, and assimilation: a necessary antidote to the conventional history of the Americas.
The book includes an introduction by Ward Churchill.
For years now, Gord's work had been featured in numerous self published pamphlets, comics and on T-shirts, as well as in many movement publications.
Available from Kersplebedeb for $11.95, just click here!
Product Details
88 pages
Published by Arsenal Pulp Press in 2010
ISBN 9781551523606

Genderfucking, Transgender, Transexual Buttons Now Online!
Finally getting around to uploading my buttons, starting with by trans selection… to order just click on the button, to see this list online go to, and to see my complete buttons collection click here!


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